Saturday, 29 March 2014

Happy Gudi Padawa from United-21 Resort Mahabaleshwar

Long live the tradition of hindu culture and as the generations have passed by hindu culture is getting stronger and stronger lets keep it up.
Best Wishes for Gudi Padwa
Happy Gudi Padawa from United-21 Resort Mahabaleshwar

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Holi Festival

Best Wishes For Holi From United-21 Resort, Mahabaleshwar

With fabulous peaks, beautiful valleys and lush green landscapes, Mahabaleshwar has become a favorite destination for many tourists. During the times of British India, it was a summer capital of Bombay Presidency. Over a period of time, many hotels and resorts have come up in this region, offering comfortable accommodations for tourists. All the major festivals celebrated in India are also celebrated in Mahabaleshwar. The Holi festival in Mahabaleshwar is celebrated with great enthusiasm by its people. 

Much before the day of 'Rangapanchami', young crowd go around collecting firewood. On the day of Holi Purnima, a bonfire is lit using all the firewood collected. Celebrations with colours take place during the day of Rangapanchami, when people throw colours, coloured water or balloons at each other. A popular sweet dish called 'Puran Poli' is also prepared on the occasion of Holi. On this special day, United-21 Resort, Mahabaleshwar, wishes everyone a very happy Holi.